Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Little Summer Project

This summer has been a strange transition in my life. With the realization setting in of school being finally behind me, I now have to turn to face what is ahead. I have been looking for jobs and making applications and preparing for a big move, but I still wanted to do some art projects. 
I'm taking a baby spider plant from my parent's house with me to Lexington, and I thought it would be fun to paint the pot. I just kind of winged it and had fun, making some designs, but I really liked how it turned out!

Then here are the details of all the designs around the rim of the pot.

And then here is the plant! Her name is Arachne. Yes, I name my plants.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Life Lessons from Bike Rides

          Me and my bike, we’re the best of friends. When I’m out riding my bike through the countryside in the summer, I have peace of mind. As long as I have this escape, this get-away, I know that I will be ok, that everything will be ok. Everything is what it is, and will be what it will be. When I was out riding today I realized something: stepping into the unknown is like stepping into a shadow. Before you enter it, the shadow just seems very dark and black and you feel blind. But as soon as you enter it, your eyes only take a second to adjust. So the unknown isn’t that scary, all we have to do is adjust. I learn a lot from my bike rides. I learned to keep my mouth shut or bugs will fly into it. I learned to be aware; the road is not always going to be smooth. I know that I have to keep my eyes in front of me to watch for bumps and potholes, but that I must also keep looking around me. There is so much beauty all around us- keep looking, you might see a butterfly. And there might be some trash along the road, pick it up. I learned about balance on my bike, and that sometimes you’ll fall but it’s not the end of the world. So maybe life is less like a flowing river and more like a bike ride down a long road.