Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Commission in Lexington

So it's been a long time since I've made a post. Since I moved to Lexington, things have been pretty much consistently busy, what with the move, working multiple jobs and having project after project to do. (Somehow I make time to have some fun too!) There never seems to be enough time.
I work part time at Macys, full time at UK as an illustrator for the alternate assessment department (HDI), and for a while I did babysitting as well. As for projects, I have an ongoing design project for a church in Indiana, have a huge painting for an aunt to start, and recently did my first real gig for a publishing company called Llewellyn Worldwide. Llewellyn specializes in the magical and occult, publishing things like tarot cards and books about pagan magick, astrology, cooking and crafts. I did 9 black and white interior spot illustrations for the 2013 Magical Almanac and am very excited to see it on the shelves in the next year!

In between all of this I also did a commissioned puppy portrait. This was a friend of a friends dog who died recently. Her name was Gypsy and she had been abused before she was adopted by the family, so my heart went out for this sweet dog. She got to live out her last years happily on a beautiful farm.

The medium is watercolor (base) and colored pencil (with lots of burnishing) and the dimensions are about 9"x18"
Here is part of my studio, the drafting table part of it.

There you can see the start of the dog, I was working on the watercolor washes.

And here is the finished piece and some closeups on detail.