Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Little Summer Projects

So this summer has been a strange limbo for me. I have a lot to do with my illustration pursuits, such as building a client list, mailing out my postcards, and general networking. I have also been updating many of my profiles, passwords, emails, and applying to lots of part time regular jobs. That has certainly not been very fun. But I think I am making progress, slowly, but slow is better than none. Along with all this I have kept drawing by designing a tattoo for a friend and designing a t shirt for another friend.

This is a cheetah tattoo, designed to go on the thigh, front or side.

 And this is the t shirt design, it is for a Rush t shirt for my friend at Purdue University.

This has been fun, at least that small projects keep coming my way. I am also in the process of beginning a very large commissioned painting for an aunt and uncle of mine. I'm very excited, it's going to be 4'x5', which will be the largest painting I have ever done. Updates on that process soon!